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Sycamore Lodge Equine Hospital

Equine Lameness - Sycamore Lodge Equine Hospital

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In depth lameness examinations are performed at the clinic including diagnostic anaesthesia (nerve blocks), digital radiography and ultrasonography.
Lameness examinations can be a lengthy process and are best performed in the clinic under a controlled environment.

The use of nerve and joint blocks is the best way to localise lameness in your horse to a specific area, allowing targeted diagnostics and specific treatment. To aid in the diagnosis of lameness, we recommended the horse receive no pain relief (i.e. phenylbutazone) in the 3 days before examination and that the horse is not freshly shod (or shoes just removed!) as these factors can significantly influence the lameness.

Sycamore Lodge offers a full range of treatment options for orthopaedic conditions from tendon injuries and joint chips through to back pain and limb fractures. We pride ourselves on offering care and advice not just through the diagnostic and initial treatment but throughout your horse’s convalescence and rehabilitation.

Orthopaedic services provided by Sycamore Lodge include;
• Lameness investigation
• Corrective farriery
• Diagnostic and surgical arthroscopy and tenoscopy
• Internal fixation for fracture repair / arthrodeses
• Extracorporeal shockwave therapy
• Regenerative medicine techniques including stem cells, IRAP
   and PRP (platelet enhanced therapy)
• Back and sacroiliac regional medication